Cows bring what???

“The four feet animal which we see daily in our streets can bring prosperity “

Oh Wait! Whaaaaat????

Let’s see what Asaram Bapu has to say on this:

Gau‘ has become a hotly discussed national issue. A little before this entire hullabaloo, Sant Asharam Bapu had sent a message, packed with some facts and evidences, addressed to all citizens and also the governments, regarding the multi-utility of the cows and the how they are financially and spiritually beneficial and prosperity-giving for the nation. After reading through the message it gave a feeling that in today’s atmosphere this message should be read by all Indians and especially by those who keep wondering as to why Hindus are so conscious regarding the cow.

In his message while informing on the self-supporting nature and financial importance of cows he says, “The organisations producing Gojharan Arka (Medicinal extract of cow’s urine) as well as those who prepare organic phenyl and insecticides from cow’s urine purchase it at Rs.8/- per litre. A cow gives 7 litres of urine in 24 hours, thereby earning Rs.56/- a day. Thus, all expenses for a cow’s care can be easily met just by selling its urine. Moreover, all citizens shall benefit from the cow’s milk, dung as also by her presence.

There is a mango and lychee orchard between Rishikesh and Dehradun. Earlier, the farm use to sell at Rs.1,30,000. Upon being advised to keep cows in their farm, they bought 15 cows that had stopped giving milk at a negligible price. The next year, the contract of the same farm rose to a sum of Rs.2,40,000. According to them, with the cows roaming on the farmland and due to the impact of cow’s urine and dung, the same farm now sells for Rs.10 lakh per year! The presence of cows in our farms would prove meritorious, will bring prosperity (to the owner) in this world, and will be rewarding in the other (afterlife).

If cow’s dung and urine are used in farms and orchards, then how much the grains, fruits, vegetables produced from it will serve in the well-being of people, it can’t be imagined!”

While explaining the benefits of food products obtained from cow and other cow-based products Sant Asharam Bapu in his message said, “The milk, buttermilk, urine, dung etc of the Deshi cow (Indian breed) protects from many diseases and a number of diseases are even cured by using cow-products under Cow-therapy. Panchagavya is used to cure many incurable diseases. Cow-therapy and Ayurvedic, Natural and such medical practices should be promoted so that we are saved from spending thousands of crores of rupees on foreign medicines as also from their side effects. The environment gets polluted with chemical based phenyls and its the foul smell. With organic Cow-phenyl, your  
sattvikta and aroma will definitely increase.

The smoke produced by burning cow-dung cakes destroys harmful germs. The custom of carrying an earthen pot with burning cow-dung cakes in it along with the dead body to the cremation ground has the deep insight of our visionary sages; meant to protect society from the harmful germs (spreading out) of the dead body.

If 10 ml juice of fresh cow-dung (of a Deshi cow) is given to a pregnant lady at the time of labour, it results in comfortable birth without undergoing an operation.

For the daughter-in-law of Revachand Magnani, a famous oil merchant of Godhra (Guj.), the doctors of Godhra and Vadodara (who attended her) had said that she would have to undergo a compulsory caesarean section delivery because the foetus had turned to an abnormal position. Eventually, they arrived in Ahmedabad, where a board of 5 doctors examined her and insisted that, “Sign for caesarean delivery urgently, either the mother or the baby would be saved; and if the baby is saved, she may be partially mentally deranged. So do save one life through caesarean surgery.” Family approached me asking permission for caesarean delivery. Refusing them I told them of the Cow-dung juice method. Neither the mother died nor the infant died nor anyone was partially deranged. If anyone wants to see direct proof, it is available. That girl
might be studying in college now. She scores good marks. The mother too is healthy. Several people have met them since. There are many people who are saved from caesarean section by using cow-dung juice.

Scientists have exposed that some serious diseases like diabetes, arterial plaque, heart disease, autism, schizophrenia, mad-cow disease, brucellosis, encephalitis etc are caused by using milk, etc. of the so-called cows of foreign jersey breeds. On the contrary, the milk of the Deshi (Indian) cow contains such elements that protect us against various diseases like HIV infection, peptic ulcer, obesity, arthritis, asthma, breast cancer, skin cancer etc. Gold salts are found in the milk of the Indian cow. The yellowish tinge in a cow’s milk or ghee is the indication of the presence of traces of gold. Even those with incurable diseases can be cured within 6-12 months by getting them to serve and live in the vicinity of the Indian cows.

To repeat, do make it a point to be duly benefitted by manure produced by cow-dung and cow-urine and the presence of cows in farms! Service to the Cow is helpful in saving India from disasters like earthquakes!

People say to me, “You look after 8000 cows!” I instantly reply, “In fact, it is they who look after and nurture us! They never asked us to take care of them or to rear them. In our own interest we serve them and have their company.”

In the Mahabharata, (Anushashana Parva: 80.3), Maharshi Vasishthaji says, “Let there be cows in front of me, behind me and all around me. May I live in the midst of cows!”

Good governments, the ones that care for the public welfare are very dear to me. If you convey this affectionate proposal to such governments I shall be so happy. If the electronic and print media who work for welfare of the people and the nation do the noble act of spreading this message, they will  gain religious merits for protecting the health and prosperity of mankind, gain happiness and also how great respect and blessings the media will receive from countrymen! Certainly, their seven generations will be blessed with happiness, prosperity and emancipation for such noble service. O my fellow citizens! Wise Governments! Kindly think over this matter with a positive bent of mind.”

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