Black Magic Children Death Asaram Gurukul

Two children death in Ahmedabad Gurukul in July 2008

On the parents’ demand, the State Administration got the matter investigated by a big team of CID (crime) and SFL. The CID (crime) specifically stated in an affidavit filed with the High Court that no black magic was practised in the Ashram.

Full report D. K. Trivedi  investigating Commission

Post Mortem report too clearly mentioned that the death was caused by drowning; no ante-mortem injury had been found and the bodies of the children had been bitten at by animals. The forensic science team too opined that the death had been caused by drowning.



Vaidya Amrit Gulabchand Prajapati, who had been expelled from the Ashram, had alleged that black magic was being practiced in the Ashram. In the course of 6-hours-long cross-examination on 13th March 2010, he admitted before the Magistrate D. K. Trivedi of the investigating Commission, “In the course of my stay at Asharam Ashram, I never saw any act of black magic. It is correct that I started talking about black magic after leaving the Ashram.”

On 8th August 2008, a death threat was sent to Asharma Bapu through a fax message and a sum of Rs. 50 crores was demanded. The fax message threatened that in case of Ashram’s failure to pay the sum asked for, Asharam and Narayan Sai would be implicated in false and fabricated cases of practicing black magic, land-grabbing, sexual abuse etc.

In respect of the fax message, Amrit Prajapati admitted, “The mobile and land-line phone numbers given in the fax message are mine. I know personally all the people – Dinesh Bhagchandani from Ahmedabad, Shekhar from Delhi, Mahender Chawla from Panipat, Raju Chandak from Sabarmati, Shakil Ahmed and K. Patelwhose names are mentioned in the fax message.”

On not receiving the sum demanded, executing the threat given in the fax message within a week thereof, Amrit Prajapati indulged in the wretched deed of presenting a burka-clad woman before the media and through her falsely blaming Asharam Bapu.

On being cross-examined before the investigating commission on this issue, Amrit Prajapati revealed the truth. He said, “I and my wife have given statements against Asaram to newspersons. To this purpose, I, with my own hands, helped my wife to put on the burka and then presented her before newspersons, who then photographed her. My wife is from Delhi.

A video CD recording the event of Amrit’s expulsion from the Ashram on 9th February 2005 was produced before the investigating commission. In the CD, Vaidya Amrit Prajapati had confessed having violated Ashram rules. When Justice D. K. Trivedi, who was astonished to view the CD, asked, “Is it you?” a mortified Amrit Prajapati said, “Yes sir! It is me. I was expelled from the Ashram. It is a fact.”

Amrit Prajapati’s profligate lifestyle, greedy nature and demoniacal disposition were exposed; when an FIR was registered against him for his evil deeds in Kota, Rajasthan. Pavan Kumar Karamachandani lodged a complaint about Amrit Prajapati’s lecherous activities, dissolute behaviour and evil-deeds; such as: incidents of eyeing women with bad intention, and untoward incidents of harassing women.